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Our culture of unity

The reason we feel that culture is super important is because it is precisely what makes a group of unique individuals united. United in vision, united in purpose, united in action. It just makes sense to us.

And culture ultimately runs on values that are wired into it. Culture, it seems beyond much doubt, is values articulated in action. But to articulate these values in words, you need words that won’t wilt on our walls but resonate in what we do and how we go about doing it.

When we looked at ourselves, we learnt many things, but the important ones were the commonalities. The ones that, again, just made sense to everyone. This is what we have learnt. We are real. Same people at work as we are at home and at play. There is no need to put up a front if people around you have your back.

Diversity and inclusion are integral parts of our culture. We are proud of our multicultural team and are committed to greater diversity in all areas of our business.  We respect and encourage diversity of thought; we believe all team members have ideas and bring value to our business.  We collaborate and think as a team – we also value individual contribution and make employment decisions based on merit.

If you think this sounds like a place you would love to work, come and talk to us!  We would love to hear from you.

The values that define our unity

We are not fearful.
We don't let uncertainty, change, challenges, and even failure bring us down. We trust each other to do our best and we just keep swimming.
We are tenacious.
We always get it done.
We are keen learners
We move, we watch what happens, we adapt and we act on what we have learnt. We always work to do more of what works. And less of what doesn’t. And Level Up.
We are humble, but respect and work for excellence.
For humble stars the sky is not their limit. It’s their home. It’s a fact.
We are always mindful.
Of each other, of our partners and customers, of our community. Our minds and our doors are always open.
We strive to make sense.
Sense of responsibility, sense of proportion, sense of humour and just plain old common sense, as often as possible.
We are real
Same people at work as we are at home and at play.
"We are a spirited bunch. We do our stuff with spirit. Spirit of togetherness, spirit of adventure, spirit of needed work being done, spirit of life."
Michael Kontorovich
Co-founder Eftsure

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