Application Programming Interfaces

Our REST APIs allow your development team to integrate with third-party systems, enabling automated data exchange and real-time updates. APIs help you build seamless experiences for users, as they can interact with the platform directly from their own systems. This helps to streamline processes, reduce errors and improve overall efficiency. Eftsure has a dedicated integrations team to support and empower clients in customising their own integrations. 

Secure File Transfer Protocol

Use SFTP files to securely transfer payment files from your ERP system to the Eftsure Portal. SFTP provides a secure channel for data transfer and ensures that sensitive information is protected from unauthorized access or interception. By using SFTP files, Eftsure can encrypt data during transfer, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. This also ensures the integrity of data, as SFTP provides a reliable way to transfer files without corruption.

Integrated Vendors

Driving technology with leading brands

The new security standard for business payments

Eftsure provides continuous control monitoring to protect your eft payments. Our multi-factor verification approach protects your organisation from financial loss due to cybercrime, fraud and error.