Eftsure for Accounts Payable

Offload the tedious tasks without compromising security

Accounts Payable (AP) teams aren’t trained to be fraud specialists, and you’re increasingly time-poor. Eftsure solves both problems, using technology-assisted controls to protect against fraud while freeing you from tedious, manual checks.

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Eftsure streamlines supplier management, saving time and effort from onboarding to payment.

Faster supplier onboarding

Onboard and verify suppliers with digital and secure forms

Easy compliance management

Keep your list of suppliers compliant with automated, document, ABN and GST checks

Accurate and verified payments

Have access to context about every line-item at every step of the process

Automate and simplify your onboarding process

No more manual onboarding forms and trying to track down that insurance document from three years ago. With just three clicks in the Eftsure Portal, you can digitally send a professional onboarding form to your supplier, collect all relevant documents, and quickly sort the verification process.

Peace of mind, even when you're busy

Amid an endless list of AP tasks – weekly pay runs, supplier reconciliations, handling supplier invoices and so much more – it’s easy to make mistakes. With Eftsure’s simple and intuitive traffic light system, human errors get picked up before payment.

Remove uncertainty and fight fraudulent payments

Business email compromise attacks are becoming more sophisticated and frequent than ever before, increasing the risk of AP teams receiving illegitimate change requests or paying the wrong suppliers. Send change requests through Eftsure and rely on our data-driven community to pay with confidence and thwart fraudsters.

The new security standard for business payments

Eftsure provides continuous control monitoring to protect your eft payments. Our multi-factor verification approach protects your organisation from financial loss due to cybercrime, fraud and error.