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A smarter, safer approach to managing vendors

An easy-to-navigate portal allows you to view, add and manage your vendors all in one place. That includes quick visibility into vendors’ current verification and EIN status.

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EIN not valid
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Get the right vendor information faster

Ensure a seamless onboarding journey. Streamline vendor invitations, form completion and document collection, along with more efficient verification, approvals and enterprise resource planning (ERP) imports. Eftsure gives you the freedom to make the process as comprehensive or basic as you need.

  • Unlimited customizable onboarding forms
  • Bulk invitations
  • Comprehensive fraud checks
supplier onboarding

Avoid the headache of lost documents and missed expiration dates

We know the pain of searching for that one document out of thousands, only to find it and see it’s no longer valid. A secure documentation collection and storage platform allows you to keep everything in one place. Leverage opt-in documentation notifications not only for yourself but also for your vendors, enabling them to re-upload new documents without you lifting a finger.

  • Secure, centralized documentation storage
  • Expiry notifications
secure, centralized document storage

Keep your list of vendors compliant

Stay compliant and secure while breaking down departmental siloes and working more efficiently. Your team can select which information goes for approval, when it’s sent to be approved, and who is responsible for approval. This level of control ensures that your organization’s information is only approved by individuals with the necessary expertise and authority.

  • Pre- and post-onboarding approvals
  • Approval hierarchy and multi-level approvals
  • Conditional approvals
keep your list of supplier compliant

Manage change requests securely

Our change request feature helps you avoid payment bounce-backs and minimizes your risk of paying the wrong bank account. Whenever you receive an email with a vendor’s new bank details, just three clicks in the Eftsure Portal will trigger a change request form for your vendor and initiate a comprehensive verification process.

  • Comprehensive fraud checks
  • Change request verification
manage requests securely

Verify vendors across more than 10 countries

Teams and partners are more geographically dispersed than ever, but we make English-speaking international verifications just as easy as domestic verifications. This feature means users can more easily onboard and send change requests to overseas vendors.

  • Comprehensive fraud checks
  • Collect documents from overseas vendors

Real-time view of EIN Status

Clearly see whether the EIN is valid in the vendor management portal and at the point of payment.

  • Real-time EIN status
  • Invalid EIN report
comprehensive supplier management

Implementing Eftsure has improved controls and cemented confidence in the security and integrity of our vendor data; thereby providing fraud protection for, not only Manildra Group, but, our vendors too.

Lucy Baer
Group Financial Controller - Manildra Group

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