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Keep the auditors happy

Getting audited? Stay ahead of the curve with all-in-one supplier reporting, as well as a direct real-time link to the ABR and auditor-specific user access. With a user-friendly interface and customisable reporting options, our supplier report makes it easy to view your suppliers and their current status.

  • Inactive/invalid ABN report
  • Sole trader report
  • Verification status report
  • Entity-specific report

Immediate supplier transparency

Get visibility into your supplier list right away. As part of your implementation process, you’ll receive a comprehensive report that outlines any anomalies and gives you a snapshot of how many of your suppliers are already part of our verified community. We’ll then get to work on rectifying any issues to ensure you’re always paying the right amount to the right people.

  • Duplicate employees
  • Blacklisted and/or incorrect bank details
  • Verified status

Prevent internal fraud while working smarter

Audit trail features provide clear and concise records of all activities taking place, minimising the risk of internal fraud. Whether you’re looking to improve your organisation’s risk management practices, meet industry requirements or simply keep your business operating efficiently, improved visibility and control will help you achieve your goals.

  • Log of user sign-ins
  • Time and user stamp
  • Every action logged

Know who paid what and when

With comprehensive payment reports, you’re never in the dark about who you’re paying. This added layer of reporting helps you detect and prevent potential fraud, ensuring that financial operations remain secure and compliant. Operate with confidence, knowing that your payee’s financial information is accurate, up-to-date and that any potential issues are quickly identified and addressed.

  • Customisable timeframes for reporting
  • See which platform users accessed
  • Suspicious payment report

Get necessary supplier info faster before paying

Onboarding can be complicated, but better visibility makes things simpler. Easily view whether an onboarding is awaiting action from yourself, the supplier or Eftsure. The reporting includes, but is not limited to, two-factor authentication compliance, failed verifications due to suspicious activity and completed onboardings for specified time periods.

  • Onboarding status
  • Accepted suppliers
  • Pending approval
We’ve got an independent verification, the auditors are happy, I have confidence the money will get to the right person and into the right account.
Tony Morganti
Financial Controller - Mineral Resources

The new security standard for business payments

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