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We provide comprehensive support throughout your onboarding and beyond. Our goal is to help you maximise the benefits your organisation derives from

eftsure is designed to require very little investment of time from your side. Prior to going live, we will undertake several important steps:

  • Vendor Master File Health Check: 48 hours – 1 week.
  • Verification attempts of supplier anomalies and those not in our database:
    1 week – 3 weeks.
  • Staff training: 2 hours.

Once we complete these steps, you can start using eftsure within minutes.

When joining eftsure, you gain full access to all the features in the platform. All the features form a holistic fraud-mitigation system and cannot be separated out.

We are so confident you will see the value of eftsure to your organisation’s efforts to curb digital fraud and EFT payment error, that we offer a full 3-month satisfaction guarantee. If at any time during your initial 3 months with eftsure, you are not fully satisfied with our platform, we will refund all payments,
including any set-up fees.

Contact eftsure and begin embracing the benefits of our unique approach to fighting digital fraud and preventing EFT payment error.



Cash is my number one priority. Shoulder to shoulder with cash is nobody inappropriately taking that cash, and that’s cyber risk.

Robert Thorpe
Managing Director, Allegro Funds

 Without Eftsure, you’re asking a lot more questions about who you’re paying in that pay run.

Chris Allenby
CFO, Lewis Land

I sleep better at night knowing Eftsure is there. We pay million of dollar every week and you don’t need to be paying the wrong people.

Jim Snelgrove
Payroll & Account Services Manager - Georgiou

Implementing Eftsure has improved controls and cemented confidence in the integrity of our vendor data.

Lucy Baer
Group Financial Controller - Manildra Group
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