Don’t pay the wrong people

Safeguarding $216B in payments annually. End-to-end B2B payment protection software to mitigate the risk of payment error, fraud and cyber-crime.

traffic light alert system to quickly advise if fraudulent payments.
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Use this link to verify bank and business details.
Vendor Verification

Cybercrime and fraud cost American businesses an estimated $10 billion annually

of cyber attacks result from human error,
15 Alarming Cybersecurity Facts and Statistics 
Human Error
Losses from BEC attack in 2022
FBI Internet Crime Report
Business Email Compromise
Fraud via BEC Compromise
US Companies and B2B  Payment Fraud
Invoice Manipulation
1 in 4
Incidents caused by a criminal insider
– Proofpoint
Insider Scams

Security and automation for accounts payable

Vendor Management

Easily onboard, verify and manage vendor information securely. Operate using a single source of truth and ensure vendor data is up-to-date and contains accurate EIN information.

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EIN not valid

Payment Protection

Pay with confidence and context. Empower teams with payment information at every step of the procure-to-pay process by incorporating fraud alerts.

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approve payment
Routing number and account number don't match company name
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Segregation of duties

Get organized with a digital interface that allows teams to work autonomously and securely. User roles and permissions enforce standardized protocols and processes.

Segregation of Duties
segregation of duties
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Cash is my number one priority. Shoulder to shoulder with cash is nobody inappropriately taking that cash, and that’s cyber risk.

Robert Thorpe
Managing Director, Allegro Funds

 Without Eftsure, you’re asking a lot more questions about who you’re paying in that pay run.

Chris Allenby
CFO, Lewis Land

I sleep better at night knowing Eftsure is there. We pay million of dollar every week and you don’t need to be paying the wrong people.

Jim Snelgrove
Payroll & Account Services Manager - Georgiou

Implementing Eftsure has improved controls and cemented confidence in the integrity of our vendor data.

Lucy Baer
Group Financial Controller - Manildra Group

Control without the manual work

Let us deal with verifying bank and business information while you focus on what's moving the needle in your role.
Eftsure removes the stress of manual controls, internal fraud, making incorrect payments, and ensuring processes are being followed, so you can focus on more important things like your organisations financial health, strategy and sleeping at night.
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Accounts Payable (AP) teams aren’t trained to be fraud specialists, and you’re increasingly time-poor. Eftsure solves both problems, using technology-assisted controls to protect against fraud while freeing you from tedious, manual checks.
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The new security standard for business payments

End-to-end B2B payment protection software to mitigate the risk of payment error, fraud and cyber-crime.