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For businesses being verified

When our customers sign up, we help them verify payment information for their suppliers. If one of your customers has signed up with us, you will receive a verification email. We do this process to make sure fraudsters can’t redirect payments that are meant to go to your bank account.

In case you don’t trust an email you have received from us, or think your privacy may be at risk, please contact us at:

By phone:
Australia: 1300 985 976
New Zealand: +64 9-801 8276
United States: +1 833-243-3004
Canada: +1 778 308 3568
United Kingdom: +44 20 3868 3494

By email

Information for suppliers

Audits and certifications

Eftsure’s mission is to become the security standard for business-to-business payments. Our robust technology and systems ensure customer data is fully secure. Our security is certified by leading 3rd-party auditors based on the most widely recognised information security standards.

Eftsure’s ISO 27001 certification

Privacy at Eftsure

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