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Georgiou takes their supplier onboarding to the next level with Eftsure

Jim Snelgrove, Payroll and Account Services Manager at Georgiou, shares how Eftsure optimised their supplier onboarding and saved their team significant amounts of time – and gave Snelgrove the peace of mind he needed to sleep better at night.

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Established in 1977, Georgiou Group is a leading building and civil construction company, delivering a wide range of engineering services professionally and capably. With more than 40 years’ experience, the business operates throughout Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. Their vision is to be “the best people to work with,” and they do this by working with their clients and partners to achieve the best possible results.


Snelgrove shares how onboarding suppliers was a very “manual and labour-intensive” task at Georgiou. The team collected supplier information via email, with various forms to fill out and documents to attach. They ran into constant issues with suppliers struggling to open documents – but, crucially, this reliance on email also meant they were more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and email-based scams.

I thought we just can’t keep going like this as a company of this size. We need to be more streamlined and – voilà! – Eftsure came along.

Jim Snelgrove
Payroll and Account Service Manager, Georgiou


After years of using this manual process – a “waste of energy” – Senlgrove decided they needed to bite the bullet and change things up. Georgiou work with suppliers of all shapes and sizes, so it needed a solution that was accessible and easy to use for ruralbased suppliers, small businesses and enterprises. Plus, it needed a robust verification process and the ability to quickly collect documentation like proof of insurance and currency documents.

Georgiou decided to implement Eftsure to not only handle their supplier onboarding but also to mitigate risk throughout the rest of their procure-to-pay process. With a few near misses in the past, including a BEC attack targeting their CFO, Snelgrove was very happy to outsource the hard work, all while beefing up their security measures (and decreasing his anxiety!).


By having Eftsure take over Georgiou’s procure-to-pay process, the team have been able to focus their time on more beneficial financial tasks.

Since implementing Eftsure, Georgiou have:

  • Decreased vulnerability to cyber-attacks. With Eftsure’s robust verification process in place, Georgiou have been confidently incident-free since implementation.
  • Saved time. By trading out old-fashioned, manual supplier onboarding processes for Eftsure’s automated onboarding, Georgiou have saved roughly 1.5 full time equivalent (FTE).
  • Improved their supplier onboarding experience. Georgiou have been able to successfully onboard over 1,000 suppliers, securely verify them and collect all relevant documentation with Eftsure’s onboarding tool.
  • Rested a little easier at night. Now, Snelgrove can use his newfound energy to focus on what really matters: growing and mentoring his people.

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