An ever-growing community of trusted businesses

3.9 Million verified bank accounts ready to pay

We manage a network that contains 3.9 million verified bank accounts from businesses, government agencies, and individuals.

$120 billion safeguarded annually

We offer fraud alerts during at the point of payment to identify potentially fraudulent or erroneous details. Our customers have been able to complete secure transactions worth over $120 billion in 2022.

1500 active customers

We are grateful for the impressive range of customers. Our client base includes small businesses, local governments, as well as some of the largest enterprise brands.

Access to a shared blacklist of fraudulent accounts

If cyber criminals attempt to use a compromised bank account of a money mule repeatedly, Eftsure’s fraud detection will identify and blacklist the account. This benefits all our customers, since once a fraudulent account has been flagged, it will be added to the shared blacklist.

shared black list fade

90% of your suppliers have already been verified by us

As you gain access to our network, you’ll discover that +/- 90%* of your suppliers have already been verified by us. You can begin using these verified details to make payments immediately.

*Actual results from previously onboarded customers

Shared fraud specialists to ensure accurate data

By joining the Eftsure community you gain the support of Eftsure’s fraud specialists who are helping to safeguard the integrity of the payment details you use to pay. It’s a highly-trained team that uses algorithms and human checks to validate the information in our network is trustworthy.

Always up-to-date verified data enriched by multiple data sources

Eftsure’s cross-match algorithms validate payment details regularly. This ensures that when you click “pay now,” you are paying the right bank account. Additionally, Eftsure’s database is linked to third-party databases, granting you easy access to ABN numbers and GST statuses. This information is used to validate payee identity but also saves a lot of time searching these databases.

The new security standard for business payments

End-to-end B2B payment protection software to mitigate the risk of payment error, fraud and cyber-crime.