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In this video, we demonstrate how our Multi-Factor Verification system protects your supplier payments and can save you from cybercrime, fraud or human error.

What is Eftsure?

Eftsure is a leader in fraud detection and payment protection. Eftsure’s pioneering fraud-tech solution brings financial controls into the digital age and helps organisations of all sizes mitigate the risk of incorrectly processing EFT payments resulting from cybercrime, fraud or human error.

Eftsure’s unique approach allows its customers to cross-reference payment information in real-time, immediately prior to processing them, against an ever-expanding network of over 3.2 million organisations.

Users can check payment files directly in the Eftsure Portal and identify whether their suppliers are safe to pay (Verified) or if there is some sort of anomaly/fraudulent behaviour detected (Unverified). Read more about how we can protect your payments & manage your suppliers securely.


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