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Frequently Asked Questions

Eftsure’s referral program allows current customers to refer their colleagues or industry peers to Eftsure. When you refer someone to Eftsure, and they successfully sign up, you get a discount on your Eftsure subscription.

To be eligible for the discount, at the time of referral, a referred prospect’s current business or employer must:

  • Work for an organisation that would benefit from Eftsure;
  • Not be an existing Eftsure customer;
  • Not be a prospect that has previously been referred to Eftsure by you or anyone else;
  • Not have been a customer of Eftsure within the 6 months prior to the referral submission; or
  • not have been in contact with the Eftsure sales team within the 3 months prior to the referral submission.

As many as you want! While we love your enthusiasm to introduce people to Eftsure, it’s important to note that we’re only offering discounts for professional referrals that would genuinely be interested in using Eftsure.

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